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FOIA Directory

Designated Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officers. Click on FOIA Officer Name to contact by e-mail.

Employees with Compensation over $75,000(FY2021) 
Employees with Compensation over $150,000 (FY2021)

Employees with Compensation over $75,000(FY2020) 
Employees with Compensation over $150,000 (FY2020)

FOIA Overview                                   Compliance Directory           

Office: FOIA Officer: Title: Phone:
Animal Control  ExternalLink.gif Sam DeYoung Click to send e-mail Operations Coordinator (309) 558-3865
Auditor Stephanie Antolik Click to send e-mail Internal Auditor (309) 558-3517
Board of Review
FOIA Policy PDF Document
Amy Allman Click to send e-mail Clerk (309) 558-3670
Chief County Assessment
FOIA Policy PDF Document
Amy Allman Click to send e-mail Chief County Assessment Officer (309) 558-3651
Coroner's Office Brian Gustafson Click to send e-mail 
Michael Mandel Click to send e-mail
Chief Deputy
(309) 558-3645
(309) 558-3641
County Board  Catherine Przybyla Click to send e-mail (309) 558-3619
County Clerk Karen Kinney Click to send e-mail 
Diane Lyon Click to send e-mail 
Brenda Terrell Click to send e-mail
County Clerk
Deputy Clerk
Deputy Clerk
(309) 558-3569
Court Administration EXEMPT FROM ACT
County Office Building (See County Board Contact Info Above)
Court Services Trent VandersnickClick to send e-mail Chief of Adult Probation Officers (309) 558-3710
Emergency Management Agency Jerry Shirk Click to send e-mail Director (309) 799-3110
GIS Department Josh Boudi Click to send e-mail Director (309) 558-3760
Health Department ExternalLink.gif Nita Ludwig Click to send e-mail Public Health Administrator (309) 558-2802
Human Resources Erin Hughes Click to send e-mail Human Resources Manager (309) 558-3608
Information Systems Staci Early Click to send e-mail Computer Operator (309) 558-3691
Liquor (See County Board Contact Info Above)
Mental Health Board Patrick Moreno Click to send e-mail Executive Director (309) 794-1099
Public Defender Matthew Durbin Public Defender (309) 558-3530
Public Works - Highway Dept. Lisa Geiger Click to send e-mail Engineer (309) 787-4668
Recorder Jill Raisbeck Click to send e-mail (309) 558-3352
Regional Office of Education Tammy Muerhoff Click to send e-mail Superintendent (309) 736-1111
Sheriff's Office Stacey Watson Click to send e-mail Investigations Secretary (309) 558-3414
State's Attorney Patricia Castro Click to send e-mail 
Melissa Hutton Click to send e-mail
Civil Division Chief
Administrative Assistant
(309) 558-3232
(309) 558-3250
Treasurer Louisa Ewert Click to send e-mail
Marcy Chapman Click to send e-mail
Treasurer (309) 558-3503
Veteran's Assistance Todd Harlow Click to send e-mail Superintendent (309) 558-3546
Zoning And Building Greg Thorpe Click to send e-mail Director (309) 558-3757

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Rock Island County Office Building (map ExternalLink.gif)
1504 Third Avenue, Rock Island IL 61201-8624

Phone: See County Directory      Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM - Monday thru Friday